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Cordillera Huayhuash


  “¿Huayhuash?¿¡Huayhuash con bici’s!? No. No noooo… Es imposible.” In the winter of 2014, three friends set out on a self supported ride, looking for nothing more than a truly genuine experience. The goal: to circumnavigate one of the most wonderful and wicked mountain ranges in the world – the Huayhuash, by bicycle. This was […]


what to do in Huaraz


what to do in Huaraz You’ve heard about Huaraz and the Cordillera Blanca & Huayhuash from other travelers on the road and you’ve decided it’s worth checking out. A grueling bus ride from the coast takes you over the 4080m Conococha pass before dumping you, slightly breathless, a thousand meters lower in Huaraz. The first […]

art: Tito Olaza

Huaraz Forecast


  Dedicated mountain weather forecasts for more than 11200 (and growing) major summits for climbers and mountaineers, provided for up to 5 different elevations. While this information may be indispensable in planning your ascent, please treat it critically and verify against other sources. Our weather algorithms are thoroughly tested and proven to work well for […]


Cordillera Blanca


The Cordillera Blanca the Huascarán MTn. 6768 meters      The Cordillera Blanca (Spanish for “white range”) is a mountain range in Peru which is part of the larger Andes range and extends between 8°08′ and 9°58’S and 77°00′ and 77°52’W, in NW direction. It includes 33 major peaks over 5,500 metres (18,040 ft) high and 722 individual glaciers in an area 21 kilometres […]

foto: Tito Olaza


MTB | Cordillera Blanca Perú Peru’s Cordillera Blanca offers some of the most challenging and scenic routes in the entire country! These mountain biking adventures go along valleys, flanked by the imposing peaks of Nevado Huascarán, Chopicalqui, Chacraraju, Ulta, Huandoy among others. You will experience the numerous trails and dirt roads that wind through the range, […]